CONGRATS for surviving another stressful election time.  To be short and simple….here are most up to date #cannabislegislation

1. CONGRATS TO MICHIGAN FOR BEING THE FIRST MIDWEST STATE (10th US state) TO LEGALIZE ADULT USE AND SALES!!! Michigan approved Proposal 1 56%/44%, legalizaing the adult use, cultivation, and retail marketing marijiuana

2. CONGRATS TO MISSOURI for approving amendment 2 (they had 3 to choose from!), which AMENDS the constitution to permits physicians to recommend medical marijuana at their sole discretion, and provides licensened dispensery access to qualifying patients.  

3. CONGRATS TO UTAH who approve proposition 2, which facilitates legal medical cannabis access to qualified patients. 

4. :( Unfortunately legalization was NOT approved in North Dakota.

5.  FLORIDA apprioved Amendment 4 by 63%, which amends the state constitution to restore voting privileges to those with non-violent felony convictions – including tens of thousands of those convicted of marijuana-related offenses. Passage of the amendment is anticipated to reinstate voting rights to some 1.4 million Floridians.

6.  Attorney General JEFF SESSIONS has resigned yesterday 11/7/2018!!!  The acting attorney general is Matthew G Whitaker.

WHEW!  Its been a crazy legislative season.  Cant wait for 2019, as it wil be a longer legislative session where we can hopefully get more done.  


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