1. Can I register for class if I’m not a massage therapist and how do I register?

All are welcome to register for class.  Please do so through the links listed under the “CEs” tab.  Everyone will receive a certificate of completion.  Licensed massage therapists and other Dept of Health professionals will receive 4 hrs of continuing education (ethics/non ethics).

2. CE CLASS Cancellation Policy

As of January 1, 2019, once registered there is a $25.00 fee on all cancellations, unless cancelling 1 week before class.  If cancelling 1 week before class there will be NO refunds. Depending on the situation, every effort may be made to accommodate students who either wish to move to another class date or another sponsored offering

3. Is there a “minimum student” policy to hold class?

YES!  I have a 10-12 student minimum policy depending on location of class.  If class doesn’t reach minimum requirements, students will be moved to a different class.

4. Ethics and non-ethics classes?

Yes, all class taught are ETHICS, other than classes sponsored by PNWschool.  Those are considered NON ethics continuing education hours.

5.  Do you have your class online yet? 

As of now, NO.  I am working on that but things keep changing in the cannabis industry that its hard to out on video to keep it up to date.  

6.  What do you think about  ___(fill in the blank)___  CBD only topical?

There are hundreds of “CBD only” topicals being introduced into the world that I’m not aware of all brands out there.  Please REFRAIN from forwarding me emails from topical makers asking me if its a safe and legal product, as I get those same emails and delete them because I don’t have time to research every product that crosses my path, and I have access to CHABA…and prefer full plant CHABA topicals.

7.  Can I take the class more than once and is there a discount for taking the class more than once?

Everyone is welcome to take the class as many times as they want.  My information changes with the changes in the cannabis industry.  There is currently no discount for taking the class more than once.  Just be aware that if you take the class more than once, the continuing education credits may possibly only count once. People who have registered and taken the 101 class will get a 1 time exclusive discount for the online class in exchange of your review.

8.  Can I ask you general questions about CHABA & Cannabis?  Can I ask you business development/product development questions?

This has to be set as I was noticing a lot of my time being taken up answering random people’s questions. For those who have taken my class, I am now your source of information for general information.  Any business or product development will be considered consultation time at $30/hr ($60/hr for those who have not taken my class).   An invoice will be sent, and an appointment made.