Frequently Asked Questions…..

  1. How do I book a massage appointment?           ** NO SAME DAY OR NEXT DAY APPTS**

All are welcome to register for class.  Please do so through the links listed under the Classes Page. 

Everyone will receive a certificate of completion.  Licensed massage therapists and
other Dept of Health professionals will receive 4 hrs of continuing education hours (ethics) for the 101
class and 3hrs of continuing education hours for the 201 class.

  1. Do I need to arrive early for my appointment?
    • If this is your first visit, please plan for me to  arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to allow enough time to fill out the new client form. If you are a new client, feel free to click here for the new client form.  print out the form and bring it to your first appointment filled out. Save you some time! 🙂
  2. What if I’m running late?
    • If you’re running late, PLEASE call ahead to let me know. You will be given as much of your scheduled time as the therapist’s schedule can permit, though treatment times may be shortened as needed. 
  3. What if I need to cancel my appointment?
    • As of January 1, 2019, once registered there is a $25.00 fee on all cancellations, unless canceling week before class.  If canceling 1 week before class, there will be NO refunds. Depending on the situation, every effort may be made to accommodate students who either wish to move to another class date or another sponsored offering.
  4. What can I expect during my first session?
    • Your massage therapist will arrive approximately 15 minutes before your appointment time to set up and give you enough time to fill out the intake form.  Your massage therapist will ask about your reasons for getting massage, your current physical condition, medical history, stress level, any areas of pain, etc. Your massage therapist will discusses these things with you so she can customize the massage session to your particular needs.
  5. How much do I need to undress?
    • For many types of massage, some degree of disrobing is required (body work methods such as Thai Massage and Reiki that do not require any removal of clothing.). For the more Swedish and therapeutic massage, you’ll be asked to undress in private (underwear is left on or off, at your discretion), then you’ll lie down on a comfortable padded massage table under a sheet. Only the part of the body being worked will be uncovered, and your modesty is respected. No draping is NOT an option.  
  6. Who can benefit from massage?
    • EVERYONE!!! Young, old, professionals, pregnant women, those who do hard labor, moms, dads, athletes, nurses, counselors, teachers; anyone except those with medical contraindications. An experienced massage therapist will be able to tell you when massage would not be appropriate and/or when a physician’s approval may be necessary.
  7. How often should I get massage?
    • The frequency of appointments depends on the goals of the session, the severity of a client’s condition, and financial and time considerations. Massage has its greatest benefits over time. As with most treatment programs, one session is usually inadequate to correct a long standing condition. Muscle has muscle memory and thinks your current state is normal. It takes time for the muscle memory to “relearn” the correct muscle state. In general, improvement should be noticeable after 3 sessions. More sessions at first, and wean off to every two weeks to once a month to maintain optimal health.
  8. What do I do during the massage?
    • The client is encouraged to be as receptive and open to the process as possible. Aside from expressing your preferences and needs (e.g. regarding pressure, room temperature, music volume) talking is best kept to a minimum when you are getting a relaxing type of massage. Work on a particular problem will require more client/therapist communication. The therapist will provide information, including when and how to turn over, how best to relax with breathing, and/or how to report trigger points and their dissipation. It is up to the client how the session goes.  If you want to talk, we will talk.  If you don’t, then we won’t. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to keep the therapist aware of your likes and dislikes, because if the client doesn’t, they will experience an unsatisfied massage session. SO SPEAK UP so I can customize the massage to your liking.
  9. Is it okay to tip your massage therapist?
    • Yes. I do not expect nor reject this expression of gratitude. A 15% to 20% tip is standard in the industry—if you are pleased with the services. However, there is no requirement to tip your therapist, and if you choose to tip, the amount is completely up to you.  I’ve even received gift cards, fresh veggies from someone’s garden, and dog treats and toys as tips 🙂 Tips are not required, but much appreciated 🙂
  10. What form of payment is accepted?
    • Cash, debit/credit (via square), paypal, venmo, and zelle. (no checks, no exceptions.)
  11. What should I do after the massage?
    • It is ideal if you can have some quiet time following the massage to savor the experience. Drink a lot of water for several days after your massage. Your massage therapist may suggest application of  ice, heat, or some combination (contrast therapy) as well as demonstrate stretches or make other recommendations regarding follow-up. It is common to feel nauseous or sore after a deep tissue massage.  To keep all that to a minimum, stretching, ice, and lots of water are recommended.
  12. Do you have gift certificates/gift cards?
    • Absolutely! Its a good way to show appreciation to your loved ones! You can purchase gift certificates for a specific dollar amount for the recipient to choose their type of massage or for a particular massage session. Gift certificates cannot be returned or refunded.  If the total cost exceeds the amount of the recipients gift certificate, the different must be paid with a credit card or other accepted payment method. Jen Chan Massage and Jennifer Chan LMT, BCTMB is not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates.  To purchase an electronic gift card, PLEASE CLICK HERE.
  • Do you sell Cannabis Basics/Kush Creams products?

Absolutely!  Special discounts for my clients, please inquire within.

  1. Do you have a minimum age requirement?
    • Yes. Because of the deep tissue, therapeutic techniques used, 12 is the minimum age I require for a deep tissue massage. For children 18 years and younger, a parent or guardian MUST be present during the massage.
  2. Should I refer my friends and family?
    • “Yes!! Referrals are an important part of business. I’ve built my massage practice on referrals. I appreciate the trust you put in me and promise to take care of your friends and family as well as I take care of you. There’s a referral program for VA clients! For each person you refer, receive a $10 credit on your next massage! See the Hours and Policies section for details. (AGAIN, FOR VA CLIENTS ONLY *it is illegal to do this in WA, Kickbacks are prohibited by law*)
  3. Do you take insurance?
    • No. I am not an insurance provider and do not bill or accept insurance for massage at this time.  I do not do any PIP or LNI claims either.  Seeing my fellow LMTs deal with the different insurance companies, makes me not want to touch any of it.  I understand my worth and none of the insurance companies pay massage therapist a fair wage at this point in time.  I am able to take HSA credit cards via square (make sure you have a  prescription from your doctor, if not RX, the IRS may make you pay taxes on the non tax deductible massage).