Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to everyone out there! Ive been getting ready for moms hip replacement surgery so I’ve been a bit busy. With all that said I am going to add a new part to my random blog. 

Its super strange.  Here in Federal Way we have 2 Walmarts, one is a regular store, the other a supercenter.  We also have A LOT of burger spots, A LOT of korean BBQ spots, and A LOT of chinese foot spas.  I plan to review all the “chinese foot spas” here in Federal Way WA. I plan to go to each one, dont plan to tell them I’m a LMT and get a 60 min chinese foot massage. I plan to review everything from the moment I walk in other than blast names unless absolutely necessary.  Why am I doing this?  I’m doing this because I want to break stereotypes. Of course I rather one jump on my massage table, but I cannot massage everyone out there. And since there are so many of these places popping up and no where else to see a review, I feel I need to do this.  PLUS I’m just curious or maybe even a tad nosey to see whats behind the front door. 

Stay tuned for the newest part of my blog…coming soon!

Update on my class: I taught my last scheduled class end of November.  I may have a private class in December, all depends on a group that reached out to me.  EVERYONE who has taken my class has 1, not regretted taking my class and 2, said it was WAYYYY too much information to be squeezed into a 4 hour class.  Its true I have SO MUCH INFORMATION on Cannabis

Sativa L, there’s just not enough time.  So I’m revamping my class for 2020 so its a lot clearer and easier to understand for a 101 class and once I set it online, work on an optional 102 class for more in depth information.

Hoping everyone had a safe and fun holiday season!  Dont forget to book your massage!!!

-Jen Chan, LMT, BCTMB (MA60324770)

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